Teachers strive to make their classrooms come to life, hoping to spark conversation.

Bearden History teacher Leon Daugherty takes that philosophy to heart.

Each year for the last 12 years, Daugherty gives his AP U.S. history students a special opportunity to interview and talk to veterans of World War II. He knows its a way for the youngest generation of Americans to appreciate our past and how his students can learn so much about from a conversation.

"My grandfather earned a Bronze Star. He was asked to do something, he was working on a telephone line and was asked to help get this general to a meeting with the secretary of the war and he had to go out of his way to go somewhere he wasn't supposed to. He really worked to get him there and I think that's cool," said Bearden junior Kaitlyn Rotton.

"There were so many students who thought that it was going to be boring and many times, they'd interview their grandpa and they didn't know that their grandfather was a hero in the war," said Daugherty.

Daugherty is retiring at the end of the year, so this will also be the last time students will get the chance to meet with these brave veterans in his class.