A local non-profit that helps homeless familes with children has a new place to call home.

Family Promise's day center provides families a place to search for jobs, do laundry and bathe. The organization has been trying to purchase a larger space for their day center since last year, but in the past they've met opposition from neighbors worried about bringing homeless people into their neighborhood.

Now, Family Promise finally has that extra space. They will be moving into the old Westview Methodist Church on Middlebrook Pike next spring.

A few minor repairs need to be done on the building, as well as installing showers and renovating the kitchen.

The non-profit said this time they met no opposition from the Westview neighborhood.

"When we looked at this property our board of directors was very proactive and they went to the Westview neigborhood and it's a lovely neighborhood, and they talked to as many members of the neighborhood as they could and explained what we are, and we're a day center for homeless families and children and at night our families are housed in various churches," said Mary Lemense of Family Promise.

Right now, Family Promise has 16 churches that host these families for a week at a time.