(WBIR-West Knoxville) For the Slack family, December 24th is a small family reunion with two qualifications: you need to buy a Christmas gift, and you need to be a guy.

"We started off when we were young. Dad would get us out of the house so mom could cook -- and it's been 30 something years ago, and we're still doing it with out kids," J.R. Slack said Tuesday inside the West Town Mall.

The family hit about a dozen stores, looking for gifts for the female members of the family. J.R. said prior shopping was between 'slim and none.'

"The key is to listen throughout the year, which is what we all do a great job of," J.R. laughed. "We bring it all into the last minute, and it's always fun, we go into a lot of stores, kids have a good time."

His son, Alec, was proud of the griddle he found for his grandma.

"This thing you can cook waffles and pancakes on," the 8 1/2-year-old said. He knew the reason why they were inside the tiled turf of the West Knoxville establishment.

"Just the guys, shopping for the moms."

However, it's not about depleting spending accounts and heaving expensive items through the mall. For J.R., there's more of a meaning.

"What it means for tradition in our family getting together. Probably one of the most fun things we do all year."