(WBIR) A new program is hoping a "yellow sticker" could help save a senior citizen's life in case of an emergency; however, not everyone in its target audience is rushing to sign-up.

TDOT recently launched its "Yellow DOT" program.

You enroll through TDOT and fill out a medical information form. Then you put the information, along with a picture of yourself, in a designated yellow envelope. This envelope then goes in the glove compartment of your car.

A yellow DOT sticker is placed on your rear window on the drivers side. This helps first responders in case of an emergency accident.

Some senior citizens fear this yellow sticker will make them a target for danger.

"Seniors would be so much more vulnerable to a situation like that. And another thing I would be against is having that information in a glove compartment. and drawing attention to it. With the amount of identity theft that goes on, your medical records are really a personal thing right now," said senior citizen Walter Weismantel.

This program isn't only limited to senior citizens. Anyone who has important medical requirements can participate as well.

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