(WBIR-West Knox County) Wrecker services across East Tennessee will spend the next few days on double-time -- cleaning up the hundreds of abandoned and damaged cars that people left behind during this week's storms.

"This would be about seven (Wednesday)," said tow truck driver Charles Kabai. "20 (tows yesterday)."

Many of the cars Kabai towed are ones on the side roads and private neighborhoods. Main roads, like I-40 and I-75 still have cars abandoned. Knoxville Police said they will give drivers a few days to get their vehicles because of the impending cold and freeze warnings.

"I don't think the police department has responded (to these cars) unless it's an emergency," Kabai added.

For now they're working calls, Chestnut Street Towing had almost 150 calls Tuesday, it doubled Wednesday, and more is expected in the days ahead.

"Even if the snow disappeared today, we'll still be pulling them out for the next few days," Kabai said.

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