A man wanted for an armed robbery last week in Lenoir City has been arrested in West Knoxville after a three-hour long chase.

Investigators believe Joshua Hayworth, 23, robbed a Burger King in Lenoir City on Thursday, holding employees at gun point before taking off with the cash in a stolen Jeep Wrangler.

The FBI Safe Streets Task Force spotted the stolen vehicle Monday afternoon. They pursued him, with the help of Knox County deputies, and Hayworth abandoned the Jeep on Bob Gray Road and ran into a nearby mobile home, but a dog inside chased him off.

Investigators said Hayworth then ran to a subdivision near Bob Gray and Bob Kirby.

Neighbors in that subdivision say Hayworth hid temporarily in a shed at one home on Double Tree road, then ran down the street where a woman and her neighbor were standing, before stealing the woman's keys and driving off.

Neighbors say the woman is pregnant, and was pushed to the ground in the scuffle.

Authorities say she chased after Hayworth as he drove away, trying to get to her puppy that was still in the car. She was taken to an area hospital as a precaution. 10News spoke to the woman's husband by phone Monday night, who confirmed both the mother and her unborn baby are fine -- just rattled after the incident.

Hayworth didn't get far before crashing again, this time on Windamere Road. Authorities said after the wreck, he ran into an abandoned house to hide, but a K-9 tracked him down a little before 6 p.m., and he was arrested.

One of the officers responding to the chase didn't quite make it there. He wrecked his cruiser while taking a curve on Schaad Road and ended up in a ditch with the vehicle tipped on its side.

Scott Detiveaux lives on Double Tree Road, and said both his neighbors had an interaction with Hayworth. One family told him the suspect was hiding in their shed, and the other family had their vehicle stolen.

He was home at the time of the manhunt, and decided to check outside when his dogs wouldn't stop barking.

"I came out of my office to see what was going on and happened to notice a number of FBI agents running down the street which was a bit unusual," he said.

Detiveaux said his neighborhood is mostly quiet, and he expects it will return to that normalcy very quickly.

"It's a nice, safe neighborhood, in general," he said. "And you know, things happen, so I don't know that anybody's going to over-react."

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