(WBIR, Knoxville) - Heart surgeons from Parkwest Medical Center visited a local high school Thursday to give them some hands on experience.

Anatomy and Physiology students at Christian Academy of Knoxville watched and participated in heart surgery demonstrations.

They performed the procedures on pig hearts that are similar to human hearts.

"They really love it! I think for any student sometimes, you know, they do their calculus and they don't really know when they're ever going to use calculus again. And we know that they will at some point. But I think for this, it's really to see that what they are learning certainly has an impact on what I do every day," said Dr. Thomas Pollard.

"It's one thing to see it in your book or on a screen, but it's a different thing to go in and be able to see different valves and veins and sorts of things," said Matthew Little, a junior at CAK.

Doctors hope this experience will encourage more students to go into the healthcare field.

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