The loyal fans of Big Orange Nation now join the Lady Vols basketball team coping with a tough loss.

The TV's were all flipped to the same channel at Doc's All American Grille. But the fans didn't see what they were hoping for.

"Makes me sad obviously. But we always have very high expectations for the Lady Vols year in and year out. Because they have such a wonderful history," said Lady Vols fan Roberta Anderson.

"I'm so sad. My madness is done. We only follow Vols. Men and Women's. Never missed a game. I'm sad it's over," said Vols fan Lisa McDonald.

These fans also understand the devastation that these players have to deal with.

"I feel bad for Meighan. I think that's awful. She started her career at the Yum! Center with her first match. And Now it's her last one. I just feel bad for her. I think it is really sad. Bittersweet. But I honestly am really disappointed in them. They acted like they didn't want it," said McDonald.

A disappointment when fans were hoping to see them break a five year streak of not making it to the Final Four.

This loss makes it six.

"For the Lady Vols expectations. That's really a significant drought. So hopefully we will make it there next year," said Anderson.

When a team around Big Orange Country doesn't play up to the expectations of their fan base, discussion about the coaches comes out. And for the most part, fans are keeping it positive.

"I think she has done a great job during the transition and hopefully they will come out gunning next year," said Anderson.

They are a team with big shoes to fill. And that's what keeps fans like these coming out and supporting them, win or lose.

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