You expect to see churches packed with people on the Easter and Christmas holidays, but many East Tennessee churches say they're looking to draw crowds year-round.

Faith Promise Church in Knoxville says it's changing the traditional services to appeal to a larger and younger crowd.

They are used to having a crowd for their service. Providing a very different atmosphere to sit in prayer.

"We have a real aggressive style. We have laser lights, smoke machines, its loud and aggressive. It's contemporary" said Pastor Chris Stephens.

Stephens is the Senior Pastor.

He wants to bring in an Easter-sized crowd regularly, but just doesn't see it. The Millennials are a generation he wants to target.

A recent Pew Research study points out that 56% of Millennials believe in God with certainty.

While 28% aren't sure, but say they believe and 11% do not believe.

That is the highest amount in the past few generations.

"The Millennials are the least churched generation, but we have them coming. Honestly the Millennials want it raw and real. I think people like to be fake at church. Act like everything is alright instead of be raw and real, and so Millennials say hey, we just don't want to go," said Stephens.

Stephens said his church's approach of contemporary helps bring them in, appealing to a different way to deliver the sermon.

He said his church saw more than 10,000 people throughout their campuses this weekend alone. And they baptized more than 200 people. He sees those numbers as good signs of growth for people coming back to church.

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