Hardin Valley Academy students mixed things up at lunch on Thursday.

They played different games and activities that encouraged students to reach out and meet people they didn't know.

It's called "mix it up"and it's part of the schools' Project-U, a program to fight bullying.

The goal was for students to learn that once they interact with others outside their "friend" circle, it will be easier to include others in the future.

"It's important to have Project U because we're really just trying to raise awareness for students so they know what bullying is and they know how they can stop it. It's honestly a really big problem and people don't necessarily see it because a lot of times it happens on social media nowadays. So it's really important that we just get people to understand exactly what's happening," said Madalyn Neal, a Hardin Valley Junior.

Students also signed a pledged to stop bullying, and earlier this week, students put positive messages on mirrors around the school, so students would see themselves in a positive light.

Hardin Valley students started Project U in 2012. The anti-bullying campaign will be going to all middle schools in Knox County next year. They also helped the Knoxvill Police Department produce several anti-bullying public service announcements. You can see those on WBIR's Stop Bullying page.

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