A new phone scam is sweeping the country, including East Tennessee.

Scammers overseas buy or steal lists of US cell phone numbers and use computers to mass dial. Your phone will ring just once-- long enough to generate a missed call. When you call back, the scammers charge you $20 for the call and another $9 for every minute you spend on the line.

The Better Business Bureau says this scam is more effective than some others, in part because it raises no red flags.

"There is no one trying to sell you anything. There is no one sending the wrong type of message or who has a foreign accent or doesn't speak very well. All of those things that we look for are absent," said BBB Spokesman Aaron Reese.

The BBB said the calls usually come from numbers with area codes 268, 809, 876, 284 and 473. One thing to look out for is where the call is coming from. Many victims say the call location was Antigua.

NBC News says if you're really tempted to call back, you should plug the number into Google first. They say sites like whocalled.us track complaints and questions about calls from specific numbers.

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