A bill in the statehouse is gaining national attention.

Rep. Sherry Jones, D - Nashville, filed legislation at the beginning of the month that effectively calls for the decriminalization of medical marijuana in the state.

In recent days, her bill has attracted plenty of attention, including on social media and the Huffington Post.

The topic is still a divisive issue in East Tennessee, but one Knoxville family hopes the bill will pass all for the sake of their son.

More Information: Rep. Sherry Jones' Bill (HB 1385)

Cameron Bush is 18 months old. He suffers from infantile spasms, which are a rare form of epilepsy. His mother, Sandy, says Cameron typically suffers anywhere from three to 20 seizures a day.

"It really just breaks you heart," she said. "Knowing what's happening to him."

Sandy Bush said they put Cameron on medication, but it has typically only worked sparingly. So, Sandy Bush did some research and found cases where families saw their children improve with the help of medical marijuana.

Those cases encouraged her to get active and push for a medical marijuana law in Tennessee.

More Information: Sandy Bush's letter to NORML

She even wrote a letter to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) to make her case.

"I feel like I just learned about a new medication and they won't give it to me, just because of where I live," Bush said.

But, not everyone feels the same way in the Volunteer State.

On the WBIR 10News Facebook page, a number of commenters criticized Rep. Jones' bill. One woman fears it could even lead to the recreational use of marijuana in Tennessee down the road.

The Tennessean: Medical marijuana bill's sponsor 'very hopeful'

"That's just the beginnning and I don't believe that it will stop with just prescriptions," said Knoxville resident Mary Sanders.

But, most agree the national conversation on marijuana has changed.

"So many young people believe it's ok and that it doesn't lead to other drugs," said Knoxville resident Ruth Yetsko.

The Bushes just hope more people come around to see things their way.

More Information : American Epilepsy Society Statement on marijuana

"You know, you need the trailblazers and people to be proactive," said Cameron's father Brian Bush.

The American Epilepsy Society said at this point it feels more research needs to be done before anyone can scientifically claim marijuana treats epilepsy.

As for Representative Jones' bill, it still needs sponsor in the state senate. According to WBIR 10News' partner, The Tennessean, no Republicans have stepped forward in support of the measure.

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