Tennessee politicians reacted unfavorably to parts of President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

After the speech, Representative Chuck Fleischmann criticized the president for his executive orders and called it an abuse of power, something Representative Jimmy Duncan agreed on.

Duncan also weighed in on the president's speech and his call on Congress for action.

"Many people have said this president has shown less willingness to work with the Congress than almost any president in the past 100 years, and this should be very disappointing to anyone who believes in true bipartisanship," said Duncan.

Senator Lamar Alexander agreed with President Obama's sentiment that something needs to be done in the United States on the issue of income equality, but said he didn't think the president gave a satisfactory plan to reach that goal.

"I would have preferred to hear the president give a real answer to income inequality, and the first real answer is to liberate the free enterprise system from Obama regulations so it can create more good new jobs. The second real answer is to give parents more freedom to choose a better school for their child," said Alexander, citing his Scholarships for Kids Act, which he introduced in Senate on Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday, the president will take his message on the road, including a stop in Nashville on Thursday. WBIR's Robin Wilhoit will be in Middle Tennessee to cover the president's visit.

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