"I remember vividly them taking me around ice holding both hands the first time and I just loved the way it felt, right from the beginning."

Susan Jackson was seven years old when she got her first taste of a sport that would take her to the Olympics.

"No matter what it is, whether it's Winter or Summer Olympics, you know you see that wonderful moment every four years, that I think every little kid wishes to go," said Jackson.

She was one of the few who's Olympic dreams came true.

"There were two spots available for the British team to send ladies to the European, World and Olympics that year," explained Jackson. "I was lucky enough to win the national championships, which automatically gave me a birth on the Olympic team."

At 17-years-old, Susan Jackson was heading to the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo.

"You know, there's always that pressure of going out there and sometimes the fear is like, 'oh my god I just don't want to go out there right now' and you go and the music starts and you're fine," said Jackson. "It all comes down to that four minutes."

In her second year into nationals, she finished 17th at the 1984 Olympics. Susan competed for two more years and then joined touring shows.

For the past 15 years, she's been in East Tennessee passing on her knowledge.

"Each level of skaters has its different rewards and challenges too," said Jackson. "It's so much fun to see kids for the very first time go from, 'I can't go out there. I can't skate' to, 'oh my gosh! I'm gliding across the ice! This is awesome' and then having those kids that compete and hit their best that day."

As the Winter Olympics continue in Sochi, Jackson will be watching, knowing she still belongs to an exclusive club.

"You can't take that away from me. It doesn't matter what you placed or where you did the Olympics you still can hold on to that forever. Nobody can say you didn't go. You did and that's an achievement in itself."

Susan Jackson currently teaches at Cool Sports in Farragut.

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