Former Vols assistant Randy Sanders will try and win another BCS title, this time with Florida State

Philip Fulmer said, when asked about former Vols assistant Randy SanderS: "There's not a lot of guys that can say, hey I coached the quarterbacks in two national championship games."

After Monday night, Florida State QB coach Randy Sanders is one of the guys that can say that.

Back in 1998 when the Seminoles faced Tennessee, Sanders got his break.

"You know Randy Sanders was very much a part of what we were doing as far as planning," Fulmer said.

Coach Philip Fulmer lost his offensive coordinator before the national championship game, as David Cutcliffe left for Ole Miss.

"Randy did a great job in the championship game, but randy did a great job everyday as a football coach," Fulmer remembered. "He was a fundamental guy of course playing in the system at Tennessee was a plus for him."

Sanders spent 22 years as a player and a coach on Rocky Top.

Now after a stint at Kentucky, he's in his first year with the Noles

and coaching quarterbacks. He's got a good one too -- Heisman winner Jameis Winston.

Winston is a fabulous athlete and he's a very very confident young man," Fulmer said. "He carries himself well and I compared him to Tee Martin. Just a bigger Tee Martin."

Sanders and the rest of Fulmer's staff pulled off the win back in 1998, now Sanders and also former Vol assistant Jay Graham have another shot at the title Monday.

"I had a chance to get in September and actually watch them practice" Fulmer said. "They really didn't have any weaknesses as you looked around their football team. They were fast, they were into what they were doing, taking coaching working hard. Not wasting any time on the practice field. Usually you can tell a really good football team by they way they go about their practices."

Coach Fulmer says Florida State has the guys on defense to stop the attack of Auburn, but as for a ga

me prediction, he's staying neutral.

"I don't, I like both those coaches. It will be a fun game to watch," he said. "Those teams, I'll just watch that as a fan.

course, he's still supporting his guys.

"I texted him the other day wished him luck, wished Jay luck," Fulmer said. "Those kinds of opportunities led to being a head coach or a coordinator you know what those guys want to do next in their careers. I wish those guys well for sure."

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