Pro Timing Day Results

40-yard dash

Alex Bullard: 5.69

J.R. Carr: 5.22

Mo Couch: 5.32

Daniel McCullers: 5.35

Rajion Neal: 4.53

Michael Palardy: 4.64

Dontavis Sapp: 4.68

Jacques Smith: 4.94

Marlon Walls: 5.07

Broad Jump

Alex Bullard: 7-5

J.R. Carr: 8-4

Mo Couch: 7-10

Daniel McCullers: 8-3

Rajion Neal: 9-11

Antonio Richardson: 9-4

Dontavis Sapp: 9-10

Jacques Smith: 10-7

Marlon Walls: 9-3

Vertical Jump

Alex Bullard: 24

J.R. Carr: 24

Mo Couch: 23

Daniel McCullers: 23

Rajion Neal: 38

Antonio Richardson: 31 (NFL Combine: 24.5)

Dontavis Sapp: 30

Jacquez Smith: 36.5

Marlon Walls: 27

Antonio Richardson says he's a first round pick now that his knee is healthy. Richardson has vastly improved his vertical leap and broad jump since the combine.

Most NFL teams see Michael Palardy as a punter, but he showcased all three phases of his kicking game for scouts on pro day. He even ran the 40-yard dash in 4.64 seconds,the second best time of the day behind Rajion Neal.

Defensive lineman Daniel McCullers improved his broad jump and vertical leap on Pro Day. He has trimmed at least 10 pounds since the season ended and hopes to drop about 10 more.

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