Meet UT's new head basketball coach

What a difference a week can make. Just 7 days ago Vol fans were racked with mixed emotions on losing yet another coach. Cuonzo Martin left for California and left Tennessee with a hole to fill. Enter 43-year-old Donnie Tyndall, former coach at Southern Mississippi and the latest coach of the UT men's basketball program.

So who is Donnie Tyndall? I sat down with one of our promotions staff who lives and breathes Vol sports. Plus everyone in the sports department is pretty busy.

" I think the most important thing you need to start off with is you're going to need to look at his record. What was his record last year at Southern Miss? How did he do at Southern Miss? How did he do at Morehead State? He was 29-7 last year. He was 27-10 the year before that. Not only did he take Morehead State to the NCAA tournament, he beat 4th seeded Louisville so you want a coach that can win you some big games, he'll fire up the fan base, too, as you've seen at Southern Miss, some of the highest ticket sales they've seen in 20 years."

Coach Tyndall seems to have many of the traits you look for in a new coach, but you have to wonder if Athletic Director Dave Hart is more interested in another skill."He's very good at dancing and when you have Butch Jones after his spring game who is a dancer and him doing the "Dougie" here, I think you've got the next match up for Dancing with the Knoxville Stars."

Both coaches are from Michigan, both have the moves. Dave Hart, we're on to you.

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