Tuesday, people in Knoxville got a look at a new kind of car that could save money at the pump.

It's called the Elio. The Elio is a three-wheeled car designed to work as a commuter car, going to and from work with minimal gas usage.

Elio Motors expects to begin selling the cars in 2015 for $6,800. The tandem seating and aerodynamic design allows the Elio to get 84 miles per gallon.

"Physics is pretty simple. If I was to have a person standing next to me driving down the road we'd be pushing that much air, but if that person slipped behind me now we're only pushing one volume of air. So it will require a smaller engine to move the vehicle that same speed. So that's really where we get the gains from," said Jerome Vassallo.

Almost 11,000 people have reserved their own Elio in just six months. You can reserve your own car at http://www.eliomotors.com.

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