A couple of shelters have opened in East Tennessee to help folks trying to stay safe from the cold.

In Greene County, a shelter is open at Hal Henard Elementary School on East Vann Road. The director of emergency management says cots will be set up at the school, but there will not be food available.

The Red Cross has opened two shelters in East Tennessee. Cots are prepared at the Dotson Memorial Baptist Church in Maryville. They've also opened a shelter at Stone Memorial High School in Crossville.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries is opening its doors to help more than 425 homeless people Monday night; that's about 150 more people than normal.

They urge anyone out over the next two days to keep an eye on the homeless. They say don't assume that that person doesn't need your help.

"We have found people along the side of the street where the elements were just too strong for them. If you talk to someone, encourage them to come inside. If you see someone that looks like they're in distress, don't gamble. Go ahead and call emergency," said Burt Rosen, president of KARM.

If you would like to help KARM, they are in need of blankets and any cold medicine that is alcohol and pseudoephedrine free.

Temperatures will settle into the single digits Monday night with wind chills that make it feel in the negatives. Tuesday's highs are only expected to reach the mid-teens.

How to recognize frostbite (Source: USA Today)

  • If skin becomes cold enough, it can freeze. Ice crystals form and damage tissues. This is frostbite.
  • Ears, nose, hands and feet are the most vulnerable to frostbite.
  • When red cheeks and noses become white, you are showing symptoms of frostbite.

Many schools and businesses are closing early Monday and already cancelling services for Tuesday. Check out the list at www.wbir.com/closings.

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