Road crews have been working around the clock to treat area roads.

Since 10:00 am Tuesday, TDOT crews has used about 18,000 tons of salt. Sounds like a lot, but that hasn't even put a dent in its total salt supply.

While the interstates and major state routes are okay now, TDOT warns there could be some problem spots as the sun goes down.

"As the sun sets a lot of the precipitation that's still on the roadway, that's just going to refreeze as the temperatures drop. So if you do not have to be on the roadways tonight, stay at home. If you do have to be on the roadways, be aware the possibility of black ice certainly will increase," said TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi.

TDOT says crews will be out salting roads as long as necessary.

The same goes for Knoxville city and county road crews. They've been working round the clock to clear the most traveled roads, but it's just impossible for them to get to all of the secondary and neighborhood roads. Many of those roads are still hazardous.

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