Much of East Tennessee is under a freeze watch or warning Tuesday night. Our temperatures could dip into the 20's overnight, and this cold snap comes after many people already planted spring flowers.

You will want to bring in or cover those plants Tuesday night.

The folks at Stanley's Greenhouse and Plant Farm in south Knoxville recommend bringing potted plants inside on a covered porch or garage.

For flowers already in the ground, like tulips, you should wipe off any water droplets and cover the flowers with a light sheet.

As for the Dogwood trees, Stanley's thinks they'll be okay. Owners say 28 degrees is the magic number. Below that is when some plants become more vulnerable.

"I think this gradual descent will help the Dogwoods. I hope we don't get any scar on the shrubs and trees that are blooming. That's what that 28 is about. If you go to 24, the trees and the shrubs, its harder to protect them," said Lisa Stanley, owner of Stanley's Greenhouse.

One more tip from Stanley's-- if you already have tomato plants in the ground, they recommend you cover them with a box Tuesday night.

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