It will be another warm day Sunday, with highs reaching into the 50s in the Tennessee Valley. But another cold front will bring a huge drop in temperatures and the possibility of snow overnight into Monday.

Good Evening!

Sunday: increasing clouds, breezy, near 50.

Sunday Night/Monday AM: rain QUICKLY changes to snow 7-9pm Plateau, 9-11pm Valley. Lasts for just 3-5 hours.

Snow: 1"-3" possible Plateau, 1"-2" in Valley. Flurries linger into Monday.

Wind: Strong, gusty winds will create blowing snow Sunday night and dangerously low wind chills through Monday night. Wind Chill of -10 to -15 Plateau, -5 to -10 Valley

Temps: Falling ... into the upper teens Sunday night, and slowly falling through the teens Monday. Record lows likely Tuesday morning of 2 degrees; -2 on Plateau

Impacts: Rapidly deteriorating driving conditions late Sunday evening on as rain quickly changes to snow and forms an icy layer underneath. While light accumulations overall, this combination will likely have a high impact on dangerous road conditions. It will accumulate quickly on untreated surfaces creating hazardous driving, and unprepared motorists will be at risk. This, along with temperatures in the teens and wind chills below zero.

Main issue Monday night will be the strong potential for busted pipes as temperatures bottom out.

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