People across Knoxville are starting to see some relief on the roads, but you may still feel trapped in your neighborhood.

The City of Knoxville public services are continuing the plan of attack of salting where it is needed.

The sun was shining, and the snow started to melt, but left many neighborhoods frozen over. That's what kept many residents inside the warmth of their homes.

Karen Wooten has spent the last two days at home with her dog, Mo. Her main goal was to get her driveway and walkway cleaned off,a perfect thing to do while stuck at home. And with the help of Mo, of course.

"The dog and I have been just hanging out and staying home and being safe. Had some warm soup. And just having a good time being at home. And staying safe and off the roads like most of us need to do," said Wooten.

The City of Knoxville came to salt in neighborhoods, but only the main streets around the area.

David Brace with Public Services says their process involves salting the main roads. That includes areas near emergency locations, such as a hospital. It also clears off the area for fire trucks, police vehicles, and ambulances to get through.

Brace said there is a chance of many roads refreezing overnight. Public Service crews will be out monitoring the roads Wednesday night.

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