The upcoming cold weather could present an issue for some trees and crops in East Tennessee.

UT Extension Agent David Vandergriff said fruit trees could be hit particularly hard.

According to Vandergriff, the exposure of a blossoming bud to the cold can dictate whether the fruit inside survives.

He said if a bud is closed tight, it has a better chance of living to see the rest of the spring.

Dennis Fox, owner of the Fruit and Berry Patch in Halls, said he is concerned about how his peach crop will fare. He said some of the fruit on his farm has already started to blossom.

"A lot of our peaches have budded out to the low point that it's going to hurt them some," Fox said.

But, Vandergriff said not all plants will suffer in the cold.

Ornamental trees, like Magnolias, could lose some of their beauty, but will not sustain any permanent damage.

He added that pansies, snap dragons and daffodils should all be able to weather the cold too.

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