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$3,000 monkey stolen from Clarksville couple's home

2:11 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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By Tavia Green, The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

A Clarksville family have looked to Clarksville Police and the community to assist in bringing their $3,000 pet monkey home after it was stolen from their home in broad daylight.

On Sept. 28, Douglas Jackson and his girlfriend, Amber Bradley, left their Denny Road home to go to work. When Bradley returned, she found the front door wide open, her dogs roaming the yard and their pet Marmoset monkey, Gizzy, missing.

"I thought (Doug) had left the door open. I called him and asked if he forgot to shut the door, and he said, 'no' ... nobody was in here and nothing was stolen, but someone had pried the door open with a screw driver and took Gizzy," Bradley said.

The cage door where the seven-year-old small monkey slept was open, and only remnants of the french fries Gizzy ate the night before were left in the cage.

Pry marks were found on the front door of the home, and all electronics and money left out in the open were untouched.

Police are investigating the missing monkey case. According to a Clarksville Police report, between 11:15 a.m. and 6:40 p.m. on Sept 28, someone broke into Jackson's mobile home and took his Marmoset monkey.

When Jackson left his residence to go to work, he double checked the door to make sure it was locked. The couple had Gizzy for about six months after Jackson's grandmother, who raised Gizzy from birth, gave him to the couple.

"My grandmother bought it. She always wanted one, so she went and bought it," Jackson said.

Bradley said they would put a harness on Gizzy and take him in public. People smiled, petted and sometimes took pictures of the small monkey. At home, Gizzy would sit in the window and squeak or cuddle with his owners.

"Gizzy lived in the cage and slept in his hammock. He wouldn't eat bananas. He would eat just about anything you could give him - applesauce or any other food - besides bananas. We gave him a bath once a week. If we took him out, we'd put on his little harness and a diaper."

Bradley said Gizzy squeaks loudly and can be heard from afar. He may not be friendly to those he does not know.


"If you don't know him, he will be mean to you and bite. I'm scared he bit the person, and they threw him out or he's no longer living. That's what I'm afraid of," Bradley said. "That's why I hope we can find him alive."

Jackson and Bradley are certain that they were targeted and know who broke in their house and took Gizzy. A man began asking about Gizzy and trying to buy him prior to the burglary.

"They didn't take anything but the monkey," Jackson said. "If I saw a monkey, money and TV, I would go for the money and TV. I wouldn't got for a wild animal that would tear me up if I tried touch it. He was set on getting that monkey, and he succeeded, I guess."

Jackson and Bradley said they are hoping someone will come forward with information about Gizzy's whereabouts.

"I'm hoping that Gizzy is okay, and if somebody does have information, they can come to us and just tell us he is okay, or someone knows where he's at and we can bring him back home. We just miss him," Bradley said. "We have all his little diapers and his vest. I'm waiting to bring him home and give him a bath."

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