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Connect with New Customers Through TV

Reach over 520,890 people

WBIR serves the greater East Tennessee Viewing Area. View our coverage map.
  • We reach more households than any other TV station in 21 of 22 counties
  • The Knoxville DMA is America's 61st demographic market area
  • We offer multiple TV platforms to convey your messages including:
    • WBIR - the number one rated local news channel in all of East Tennessee
    • 10News2 - 24-hour all access news channel
    • MeTV – classic family television programming

WBIR Broadcast Opportunities:
  • Produce high quality TV commercials
  • Work with you to find the right time to reach your customers
  • Work within your budget – multi-platform campaign integration and opportunity

Connect with New Customers Through WBIR.com and WBIR's Mobile Platforms

Reach busy people on the go!

WBIR Online Opportunities:
  • Produce ads in house and work with your creative service providers to meet your needs
  • Various targeting options available, including geographic, demographic, and program targeting
  • WBIR.com delivers over 600,000 unique visitors each month
  • Work within your budget – digital campaign integration is affordable and delivers

Connect with New Customers Through WBIR Digital Marketing Services

WBIR's digital marketing solution- a one-stop shopping for all your digital marketing needs

Digital Marketing Services Opportunities:
  • Paid search
  • Mobile search
  • SEO
  • Web development and hosting
  • Social media management
  • All services include lead tracking through forms and phone calls

Connect in Even More Ways

Other partnership opportunities –more than meets the screen
  • Programming sponsorship
  • Gas Pump News video advertising
  • Newsticker promotions
  • Event sponsorship
  • And more!

For general partnership inquiries

Contact Travis K. Dennis
Phone: 865.544.3208
Email: tkdennis@wbir.com

For WBIR, 10News2 or MeTV

Contact Beth Weissfeld
Phone: 865.544.3295
Email: bweissfeld@wbir.com

For WBIR.com, WBIR mobile or WBIR Digital Marketing Services

Contact Chris Casteel
Phone: 865.544.3409
Email: ccasteel@wbir.com

Thank you again for your interest in partnering with WBIR and for your continued support of our community.

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