Mother of six shares laughter with friends and family

She keeps laughing even when life gets chaotic

When your kids are out of school because of snow or the flu, sometimes mom needs to offer some comic relief.

Kayce Bailey relies on humor to keep her large family laughing and she isn't shy about sharing her fun antics on social media.

Kayce, her husband Jason, and six kids fill a house with love and chaos.

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"He said for years that he goes to work so that he can fund my habit. Which was taking in extra kids," she said.

They were foster parents for years and now they have three - in her words - homegrown kids and three adopted children.

"It's just a little crazier. It's louder. And it's controlled chaos. So sometimes to keep from losing your mind you just got to make people laugh," she said. "There's a little theatrical side of me that I love. And I do not shy away from ever wearing a costume or anything and it's super fun. It's fun."

That extends to her workplace. She's the High School Secretary at Concord Christian in Farragut where one of her jobs in signing in students who are tardy.

"If they don't have a legitimate excuse then they'll just write something so someone put down global warming recently," she said. "All the kids here could be having a bad day and they'll come in and they'll see my in a funky wig or a funky pair of glasses and they'll just... it will make them smile."

When it comes to smiles and social videos... like mother like daughter.

"My little girl, we share absolutely no DNA, but she is the spitting image of me and she is so funny. And she loves to make videos and she always tells me to put them on the Facebook."

Watch the video at the top of this page to see Kayce and her daughter in action and you can also check out Kayce's blog here.