Nor'easter unearths skeleton of old ship in York

YORK (NEWS CENTER Maine) — The storm that battled the coast over the weekend flooding streets and destroying homes, also unearthed an old skeleton of a ship buried at Short Sands Beach in York.

Experts say the old ship may be from the Revolutionary War (Photo ctsy York Police)

The ship is speculated to be from the Revolutionary War era and locals say this is not the first time the wooden hull has been seen.

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The ship's remnants were exposed in 2007 according to our partners at Portland Press Herald during the Patriots Day storm.

The 51-foot-long hull is believed to be from a late colonial or early post-colonial sloop, which means it would date from 1750 to 1850, said Leith Smith, a historical archaeologist with the Maine Preservation Commission.

Skeleton from old ship is unearthed during March 2, Nor'easter at Short Sands Beach in York. (Photo ctsy York Police)

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