COLD CASE: Investigators working to catch Troy Green's killer


Not a day goes by that Troy Green's family doesn't think of him. After two years, it's still difficult for most of them to talk about his killer.

"We all tried to move on as best we can, but there is still an unanswered question," son-in-law and family spokesperson Joe Phillips said.

Troy Green, 58, was last seen delivering produce to a Sweetwater restaurant on April 21, 2006. He missed every other stop on his delivery schedule that day.

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"I'll be honest with you, I had a bad feeling from the get-go, because it was not like him," Phillips said.

He was never seen again.

"It's not the average murder case," Monroe Co. Sheriff's Det. Lt. Pat Henry said. "It's not the average investigation."

Investigators began searching for Green, while family members plastered his picture around town hoping someone would recognize him. His van eventually turned up in a truckers' parking lot in nearby Niota.

Inside, there was no sign of Green and few clues as to what happened to him.

Twelve days after Green first disappeared, a turkey hunter found his badly beaten body wrapped in a tarp and dumped in a rural part of Roane County. Detective Lieutenant Henry is now the lead investigator. He carries the case file where ever he goes.

"It's been a little slower than I had hoped, but it's all coming together now," Det. Lt. Henry said.

Over the years, investigators said they have interviewed about 100 people and polygraphed about a dozen, hoping to close in on Green's killer.

They are now centering on one murder suspect and are building a case against that person.

"That's the best news we've had in two years," Phillips said. "There's nothing good about the situation at all, but I guess if there has been, this is the bright spot."

Investigators believe Green's killer was an acquaintance but aren't ready to release a motive yet. They are now trying to figure out exactly where the murder took place.

"The family needs closure. The county needs closure," Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens said. "The people need to feel like they are secure."

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Family members say Green's father has gotten progressively more sick since his son's death but held on perhaps in hopes of one day learning the truth. All of them need hear the truth.

"We've got this tendency to think it will never happen to me," Phillips said. "Well, it can happen to you, and it's not a good feeling. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy."

If you have any information on Green's murder you are asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff's Department at (423) 442-3911.

Tonight on 10 News Nightbeat, Robin Murdoch will report on the state of the investigation and how Green's family has never given up hope his killer will be found.

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