Knox Sheriff's Office forms cold case squad

Investigators with the Knox County Sheriff's Office are taking a closer look at some hard-to-crack cold cases.

Investigators with the Knox County Sheriff's Office are taking a closer look at some hard-to-crack cold cases."It's kinda like the hunt type thing. You're always looking for somebody, trying to put cases together, put pieces together," Knox County Sheriff's Detective Brad Hall said. "I really enjoy that." Hall is part of the Sheriff's Office new Cold Case Squad.The Sheriff's Office has been working on getting the squad up and running since the beginning of the year. They're charged with reviewing, prioritizing, and then re-investigating unsolved murders.Investigators will eventually look at other violent crimes and assaults as well. "It's just a great opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes look at these old cases, and see if there was maybe something we missed along the way, the first time investigating," Knox County Sheriff J.J. Jones said. In February of last year, Ten News profiled one of those cases that's getting a closer look."The night Pauline died, I didn't think I was gonna live," Betty Fuller said last February. "I didn't think I was gonna make it through the night."Seventeen years ago this month, someone stabbed Fuller's sister Pauline George to death in her West Knoxville home.It's a crime that sticks close to Chief Detective Bob Waggoner, who still carries George's picture."The family doesn't have closure. The officer doesn't have closure," Waggoner said. "I know cases in the past when you don't have closure, and you are always thinking about it."Investigators plan to follow up on 25 cases dating back to 1974."They aren't going to be easy to solve, but with the newer technology, DNA, and some of the newer skills that investigators have, and aggressiveness, it will help us solve some of these," Investigator Lou Tosti said. Cold case criminals beware."Sleep lightly," Waggoner said.The Knox County Sheriff's Office is working to add a link to their cold cases on their website in the near future.People with tips on the cold cases can call (865) 215-2243 or email investigators at

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