TEN NEWS EXTRA: Maryville cold case remains unsolved after a decade

It's been almost 11 years since someone ambushed a Maryville man, leaving his two young kids without a dad.

Randy Greene's children have been without him so long, they are now parents themselves. Eleven years later, the cold case continues to haunt his loved ones as if the crime just happened yesterday."He was waiting for me to move down here all the time," Randy's sister Donna Smith said. "He was hounding me about selling my house and moving here."Smith can still remember her last conversation with her little-but-bigger brother. The moment she learned the 36-year old was dead was a different story."I don't remember anything about the drive home," Smith said. "I drove myself home, but I couldn't tell you how I got there."It was Randy's father who discovered him shot to death on April 9, 1997."The trailer was right here in this area, and the truck was in front in this area," Randy Greene's son Paul Greene said, gesturing around the site where his father's body was found. It happened on the family property, not far from where Randy was preparing to build a home.Randy was hooking up the lights to his trailer when police say he was ambushed."That's my understanding, they were there to kill him," Smith said.Family members believe Randy was trying to get away from whoever was shooting at him by crawling under his truck to shield himself from the bullets. It's where he took his final breath.They now come to his grave to be close to him."It hurts a lot," Paul Greene said. "It's indescribable how it feels like a punch in the heart."Paul was just 16 years old when the gunman took his father's life. He now has a daughter of his own who will never know her grandfather.According to a police report, investigators were called to the property about two weeks before the shooting because of an argument with a neighbor.Despite many interviews with many different people, no arrests have been ever been made."To shoot someone with a rifle from 48 yards away, hiding when you've laid in wait for them is a coward," Smith said, with anger in her voice.Almost 11 years later, the anger, the pain, and the frustration of not knowing who killed Randy still encompass his family. Two gunshots changed everything."All my memories of my dad, what I do have of him, were right up here," Paul Greene said.Those memories and family pictures are all his loved ones have left. Believing one day they'll learn who took Randy away gives them strength, but only answers will give them peace."It's beyond words," Smith said. "I can't explain how much I would love to know the whos and the whys."If you have any information on this cold case, you are asked to call the Blount County Sheriff's Office at (865) 273-5000.If you have a cold case you'd like us to profile, e-mail us at coldcase@wbir.com.

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