Dolly opens her new Lumberjack Adventure show

There's a brand new adventure and dinner show for the whole family to enjoy in Pigeon Forge.

On Friday, Dolly Parton opened her new Lumberjack Adventure. It was previously the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Theater, which Dolly bought last year to renovate and re-imagine.

"I been building this place. Whew, I've been worn out!" the entertainer laughed as she took the stage with some of the performers, who showed off some impressive acrobatic skills as well as dancing and singing.

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Dolly was dressed for the occasion, in sparkly plaid, suspenders, denim, and boots.

She promises Lumberjack Adventure, like her Dixie Stampede, will offer visitors to the area "great food with great entertainment."

The show will center around two families living on Timber Ridge in the Great Smoky Mountains, and remembers a time when the first settlers to the area carved out a living in the rugged wilderness.

While visitors watch them perform, they'll be served a big campfire feast, including "creamy timber slaw and a buttery, homemade lumberjack biscuit followed by campfire fried chicken, smokehouse pulled pork, homestyle smashed taters, sawmill gravy and skillet corn." The meal also includes dessert and soft drinks.

Dolly said her daddy did some logging, and loved to tell stories about the "rough and dangerous job."

Lumberjack Adventure represents a $25 million investment by Parton to create an all-new dinner theater.

"I want to bring people here, make it a vacation destination," she said. "Places to stay, eat, and entertained."

Dolly has always said she loves her Smoky Mountain home, and often tells people "it's the most beautiful part of the country."

Ticket prices at Lumberjack Adventure range from $25-$50. You can get more information and tickets at their website or by calling (844)322-4400 for more information.

Dolly also took some time to catch everyone up on her busy, busy life. She's preparing for her first major tour in 25 years to support her new album, "Pure and Simple."

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"Touring in my tour bus is a lot nicer than in those covered wagons I used to travel in," she joked.

Dolly's tour will stop at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge on November 15, and she said tickets will go on sale in a few weeks. The proceeds from those stops will benefit the Imagination Library.

She's also excited about a new Trio album with Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt and the sequel to her NBC movie Coat of Many Colors that will air near Christmas.