Hundreds report flood damage after heavy East Tennessee rain

Flooding caused hundreds of people to call companies like MasterDry this weekend. They're hoping to fix the damage the rain caused.

Between three and five inches of rain pelted East Tennessee this weekend, causing damage to hundreds of houses.

Crews took hundreds of calls for damage like flooded basements.

"Water's a very powerful force," MasterDry inspector Dylan Roskop said. "It's relentless."

The rainwater fell and made its journey into hundreds of houses, causing major damage across East Tennessee.

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"Its only rule is it has to travel toward the path of least resistance," Roskop said. "Unfortunately at times that ends up being inside the house instead of being outside the house, where we want it."

MasterDry on Clinton Highway took nearly 180 calls in just the last 24 hours, Roskop and his team worked all weekend.

"It's all hands on deck," Roskop said.

He saw the forecast and knew it would be a big weekend.

"We actually get excited," Roskop said. "Let's go take care of people and their problems. It gets crazy."

Nearly three inches of rain came down in Knoxville, but Roskop said they're trained to help quickly.

"These problems don't fix themselves, they only get progressive," he said. "They're progressive issues, so over time, every rain, things can get worse and worse and worse."

That's why he said you need to stop the problem before it starts, and have your house inspected when the weather's nice.

"Water always leaves a sign," Roskop said. "No one likes water in their home, but anytime it's an issue or can get in there, we do have some really nice tools we can use to give us moisture readings and levels."

Roskop said the soil here in East Tennessee doesn't help the situation. It doesn't let the water filter through very well, making the problem worse.