Is driving Uber really worth it?

A recent study shows driving Uber may not be as profitable as you think--drivers in the study made a median income of just $3.37 an hour.

It's a big help when you need a ride fast, but is being an Uber driver worth it?

"Thursday or Friday that's when I try to more in the evenings because that's when people are going out to do things," said Knoxville Uber driver Chasity Shelby.

Shelby has been behind the wheel for the riding app for a few months.

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She said the part-time work is worth it in her situation.

"I don't see this being something someone could do on a permanent basis," Shelby said.

She's working to save money to build a food truck for her full-time job.

Uber says driving during peak times on Vols' game days or weekends in Market Square or the Old City can boost drivers' earnings.

"For a temporary fix, when you just need some fast cash to be able to do it for a weeks or a few months just to get you through a rough spot, I think it's well worth it," Shelby said.

But a recent study from the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy found if you drive over a longer period of time, the costs of gas and maintenance outweigh the profit.

"I've really not had to get an oil change, it's about time, and I do get concerned about the stop and go on my brakes, and I have burned through a quart of oil within the last one-and-a-half to two months, because it's just stop and go traffic constantly," Shelby said.

The MIT study found Uber drivers make a median profit of $3.37 an hour before taxes. Plus, 74 percent of drivers earn less than the minimum wage in their state.

Shelby said Uber will tell you what you make an hour on the app, but it's not quite accurate.

"It just depends on the ride and what you've done, but it doesn't take into account all the expenses that you've put into it," she said.

After Uber pointed out concerns with the study, one of the authors admitted some of the numbers could be different.

He plans to revise the paper.