Knoxville organization making holidays brighter for troops overseas

One Knoxville organization is making the holidays a little brighter for some troops overseas.

The Knoxville group called "Stockings for Us" is working to made the holidays a brighter time for troops deployed overseas.

On Saturday, multiple people met to prepare stockings they would send to service members stationed across the world.

"They're away from their families during the holidays," Lisa Nichols, the founder for "Stockings for Us," said. "This is just a small way of giving back to them and thanking them for their service and thanking them for their sacrifice."

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The project started in 2010 when Nichols' son was deployed with the Marines. She sent 150 stockings filled with snacks and hygiene products to her son's unit.

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"Some of these men and women, they were like 18, 19 their first time away from home," Merritt Burton, a Marine veteran, said.

Each stocking included a handwritten note from the donor as a way to brighten that service member's day.

"You know, first time away for the holidays ever. Getting something nice like that was definitely really, really good for everybody all around and helped morale so it made everybody happy. Brightened the mood."

"Stockings from Us" will be accepting donations until November 28. You can go to the organization's Facebook page to help donate.