Knoxville pharmacies say there is no mass shortage of Tamiflu

Pharmacies across Knoxville are working to keep Tamiflu in stock during flu season.

Pharmacies located in Knoxville have noticed a shortage of the drug, Tamiflu, due to a widespread outbreak of the flu.

Many have asked if Tamiflu actually works. According to local pharmacies, Tamiflu is not a cure for the flu, but it helps to shorten the length of symptoms by at least one day. Health officials said if someone comes into contact with the flu should take Tamiflu. That will help prevent symptoms from growing too severe and stop the spread of the influenza virus.

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Oseltamivir, also known as Tamiflu, is being prescribed by doctors in such a large amount that some pharmacies are running low.

Pharmacies, such as Farragut Drugs Inc., are noticing a shortage of the liquid form due to the vast number of children that have contracted the flu.

The Phoenix Pharmacy, located in downtown Knoxville on Gay Street, has noticed a busy year for Tamiflu. The pharmacy had days where they did not have any Tamiflu in stock. They were able to access more of the drug and when out they would redirect customers to pharmacies nearby that had Tamiflu.

Mac's Pharmacy, located on Washington Pike in Knoxville, is one of the pharmacies that cannot receive anymore Tamiflu. As of right now, the pharmacy ordered enough before the widespread outbreak to not run out.

Some pharmacies are not able to get more Tamiflu at this time. However, there is not a shortage of the drug as many pharmacies can refer to other pharmacies for the drug.

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According to the Tennessee Department of Health, 61 of 95 Tennessee counties have had at least one confirmed influenza positive result. Pharmacies want people to know it is not too late to get a flu shot.