Pay It Forward: Fitness instructor strengthens muscles and spirits

From fitness to philanthropy, one man in Powell is paying it forward by improving the physical and spiritual lives of his clients.

Ropes, weights and repetition — you name it, Josh Bilbrey’s fitness class has it.

But bulking muscle isn’t his main goal, it’s bulking the spirit.

“He loves God, and he always has the right thing to say to you if you’re having a bad day,” Kara Capalbo said after a recent class.

“Out of 1 Timothy, it says to train the mind, body and spirit. If the body is in disarray, the mind will be in disarray. If the mind is in disarray, the body comes to follow with bad eating and so on and so forth,” Bilbrey said.

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Bilbrey’s mornings start at Workout Anytime in Powell where he organizes a toy drive for kids at Christmas every year.

When class is over, he rushes to West Lonsdale Baptist Church to feed the needy on Mondays.

"He just absolutely loves the idea of serving people," said West Lonsdale Baptist Church Pastor Todd Halliburton.

"He comes out every Monday, he talks to people, he serves. He recognizes them and they recognize him," Halliburton said. "But, it goes deeper than just the food truck. Josh is constantly trying to find ways to minister to our community."

Bilbrey said he wants to give back because he feels so blessed to have a job he loves, a family and a roof over his head.

“It's a debt I'll never be able to pay back what I've been given, but a little piece at a time, I at least try,” Bilbrey said, adding that he doesn't do it alone. “One person trying to do everything doesn't work, but 100 people coming together makes a huge difference in accomplishing a common goal.”