Service & Sacrifice: Reflections on 2017

Before we launch in into the 10th year of reporting our series about the lives and life challenges of East Tennessee veterans we reflect on the people we met and the places our series took us in 2017.

We are about to enter a decade of reporting our series focused on the lives and life challenges of East Tennessee military veterans.

Before launching into our 10th year, we shared a few of the stories that shaped our series in 2017.

We met a three-war Navy man who explained what it was like serving in a segregated military. A soldier explained how he took on the Army in a gunfight and won. And our cameras followed two dozen veterans of Vietnam on a trip back to Indochina for the first time in 50 years.

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Our one-hour special Facing Ghosts |Return to Vietnam chronicled the war memories of those troops, the emotional reunions for some of them on the trip, and their impression of that land and its people today.

You can re-watch the entire special here: Facing Ghosts |Return to Vietnam

As always, if you have a veteran or an issue impacting veterans you think we should cover, please email John Becker directly at: