Verify: Do mittens or gloves keep your hands warmer? And other winter wear questions.

How do you bundle up when it gets this cold outside? WBIR spoke to some experts and verified how some winter weather practices may actually be keeping you colder.

If you're going to spend any time out in these cold temperatures, you need to protect your body.

10News wanted to verify if wearing mittens will keep your hands warmer than wearing gloves, and other winter-weather wear questions.

Bret Smith is a 30-year manager of Alpine Ski Center in West Knoxville, and said mittens will in fact keep your hands and fingers warmer than gloves.

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"It keeps your fingers together, so the heat from each finger keeps it from getting exposed as well," Smith said.

Dr. Deaver Shattuck, a physician at Blount Memorial Hospital, said mittens make it easier to share heat.

"The heat from the dorsum and ventrum of your hand and your wrist can be shared by the fingers as well," Dr. Shattuck said.

So, 10News considers mittens keeping your hands warm to be true.

Next, some people believe wearing two pairs of socks will keep their feet warmer.

The experts we spoke to say wearing two pairs of socks can make your feet sweat more.

"Actually a thinner sock will be warmer than two pairs of thicker socks," Smith said.

Or, it doesn't allow enough room for your toes to move around.

"You're just not giving any room at all to save any heat," Shattuck said.

So, 10News calls that idea false.

Finally, many believe wearing layers underneath your coat will keep you warmer.

Experts at sporting goods stores like River Sports Outfitters and REI suggest wearing three layers: a base, a warm mid layer and a shell to keep out rain or snow.

That way if you get hot, you can take off a layer, and your sweat won't freeze.

10News considers that to be verified.

Shattuck also said it's important to wear a hat and a scarf, as most of your body heat comes from the head and chest area.

He said it's important to remember to stay hydrated in cold weather, but drinking a warm drink won't make you any warmer than a cold drink. Shattuck said drinking alcohol will not make you warmer either.