VERIFY: Are There Toxins In Johnson's Baby Shampoo?

Are there toxins in your baby's shampoo? A post is circulating on Facebook claiming Johnson's Baby Shampoo may poison your child. We verify if there's any truth to it.

We set out to verify if the below Facebook post, claiming that the baby shampoo made by Johnson and Johnson is poisoning your child, is toxic, and causes cancer.

The post has been shared over 800 times. Since January 17, other similar posts have also popped up on Facebook.

Our source is Dr. Kristen Horansky, a pediatrician at University Hospitals Elyria. We also looked at the ingredient safety standard web page for Johnson and Johnson.

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In 2010, various concerned consumer groups began calling on the company to remove certain chemicals from their baby products. The company agreed to reformulate and removed several different chemicals, including formaldehyde, due to consumer fears. This was completed in 2014.

So the post has outdated information. However, the product does contain fragrance, which may not be linked to cancer or developmental issues, but could be an allergen.

"We generally don't recommend scented products for small babies and infants," says Dr. Horansky. "Perfumes and their scents can be irritating to their sensitive skin, particularly if they have eczema or other kind of skin sensitivity, it can worsen their condition."

So does this baby shampoo contain cancer-causing chemicals? Not since the reformulation.

And that's VERIFIED.

Bottom line, before you hit share it's a good idea to check the date and validity of these posts. They tend to recirculate every few years.