Service & Sacrifice: Facing Ghosts | One Year Later

Tennessee veterans of the war in Vietnam return to Indochina for the first time in 50 years.

One year ago, two dozen veterans from East Tennessee retraced their steps in Vietnam 50 years after that war.

10News chronicled their 10-day journey in 2017 and produced the one-hour documentary Facing Ghosts: Return to Vietnam.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam. East Tennessee veterans return to Indochina in 2017.

One year later, 10News anchor John Becker and photographer Jerry Owens are reporting a series of stories exploring the impact of that trip on those veterans. You will hear why some call the trip "cathartic" and why others plan to head back again this year, in 2018.

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Look for weekly installments in the series posted to this page throughout the month of February.