Pay It Forward: Quotes inspire confidence for middle school girls

A Scott County principal is making the day a little brighter for her students, one inspirational quote at a time.

"I think it's really cool that they did this. They've never done anything like it before so I was really excited that they put these inspiration quotes up."

Rachel Chitwood is an 8th grader at Oneida Middle School and says that the quotes that her principal put on the doors in the girl's bathroom are really making a difference.

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"I see these quotes that are just like, be yourself, be happy with who you are and I'm like, you know what? We aren't the same but that's ok," Chitwood said.

Middle school is a tough time for most girls because they are comparing themselves to each other. Having a principal that cares about how they feel makes everything seem a little easier.

"It makes me feel like the principal really, really cares about the image that the girls at our school have and how we feel about ourselves. She really does. She's a really great principal," said Kaylah Chambers.

That principal is Kelly Posey. She and her sister spent their weekend making the inspirational quotes and had them up in the girl's bathroom for the start of the week.

They will be decorating the boy's bathroom as well and eventually, they would like to see the quotes in the halls too.

The goal is to make the school a better place for everyone.

"We have a great atmosphere here. I honestly couldn't ask for a better group of kids, couldn't ask for a better staff. I'm very proud to be the principal here at Oneida Middle," said Posey.