Pay It Forward: STEM students leave 'warm thoughts' for those in need

Students from L&N STEM Academy are Paying it Forward with their ‘Warm Thoughts’ project this holiday season.

L&N STEM Academy collected scarves and the Key Club distributed them throughout downtown Knoxville for people who may need a little extra warmth in the cold weather.

It’s a small gesture but it’s the thought behind it that counts.

“Just going out and knowing that someone is thinking about you when they may not have someone thinking about them, it’s just really important,” Anna Horrocks, an 11th grader at L&N STEM Academy, said.

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Each of the 120 scarves they collected was hung with care and tagged with a message for the recipient.

The school is part of the downtown community and students hope that their act of kindness will brighten someone’s day.

“This is just a small little way to make somebody happy and stay warm," Horrocks said.

Any scarves that weren't picked up will be collected and donated to Northside Kiwanis Club for distribution among organizations that they sponsor.