Pay It Forward: Teacher creates job fair for students and community

An Alcoa High School teacher put together a job fair to help her students and members of the community connect with future employers

For this week's Pay It Forward, we are highlighting a teacher who is making it easier for her students and members of the community to step into the work force.

Joy Gornto teaches marketing at Alcoa High School. After teaching her students how to make resumes and practicing the interview process, she wanted a way to put them in contact with future employers.

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She reached out to local businesses that were willing to participate and a job fair was born! She then opened the fair to everyone in the community.

Gornto says having the ability to connect with future employers is a valuable opportunity.

"I think it's just something that's great for our whole school and for our community so that we have these kids going out and learning how to work and learning jobs skills and learning responsibility," she said.

Gornto says many students and members of the community secured jobs at the fair. She is planning to host another job fair in a couple of months.