Blasting and excavation work to affect traffic on Highway 70 for months

The work will occur around the same site where a rock slide occurred in May 2017 that closed Highway 70 for weeks.

Crews will soon begin road work on Highway 70 that will affect traffic in Hancock and Hawkins County for months.

Mark Nagi with the Tennessee Department of Transportation said traffic control operations will begin Monday pending weather delays on Highway 70 around Eidson.

In May 2017, a massive rock slide shut down that section of the highway and took two weeks to clear and repair. The upcoming work will make way for blasting and excavation operations in the coming months and likely last until June 30th, according to Nagi.

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Starting Monday, March 5, traffic control will begin and temporary lane closures will be put in place on that section of Highway 70. As work progresses, TDOT said there will be permanent lane closures with temporary traffic signals to control the flow of traffic.

Eventually, there will be a period of around three weeks where that entire section of Highway 70 will be closed to traffic during blasting and excavation. TDOT said there isn't a firm date in place for when that will occur yet and it will depend on the progression of work.

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