A year in animals as told by poem

Sometimes we have a little fun with our year ender stories. Daniel Sechtin may have had a little too much fun with this one. Here's a year in animals.

From eagles to beagles

To the Smokies and beyond

This year brought many animals

Most of which we were fond.

This year we must start

With April the giraffe.

She inspired us and annoyed us

As we waited on her calf.

When hump day rolled round

For it's 10th year

Ed Rupp hopped on a camel

As we all screamed...oh deer.

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Over in zoo Knoxville

A special surprise

A new tiger exhibit

Brought us three new felines.

Animals are cute and funny

And that's all great and fine

But animals also bring us

Through some pretty hard times.

Like when the Newport Shelter

Had to close its doors

It asked for your help

And out the furry friends poured.

Or as the storms rolled in

And other shelters cleared out

Tennessee took in rescues

Because that's what we're about.

So when Little Ponderosa

Was struck by tragedy

Folks jumped to their feet

To help the zoo family.

Over in the Smokies

And just down the the hill

Charles the pig he recovered

With a fundraising book deal.

And finally Heaven and Izzy

Enjoyed their new home

While volunteers built a fence

In which they could roam.

See, even animals can show us

How when things go all wrong

Tennessean's big hearts

Remain Smokies Strong.