Wellness Wednesday: 4 healthy tips for college students

College is a busy and exciting time, so it may be tough for students to work in a work out. These tips from Planet Fitness will make it easier to stay healthy!

Heading back to college can be a busy but exciting time of year. Fitness instructors at Planet Fitness believe this is a great time to begin some new healthy routines!

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy through this first semester of school:

1. Walk or bike on campus and to your classes

This is a simple way to get in a little exercise every day and multiple times a day. That early morning class doesn’t have to be so bad if you can get your blood flowing with a little workout! Make sure to balance school, work, homework and some hours in between with staying active. It's important to take some time to take care of your health and find balance.

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2. Find a buddy in your class to workout with before or after classes

It’s a lot easier to stay motivated with someone else by your side to support you. This is a great way to meet new friends and set goals for yourself. Got a big exam coming up? Grab your study buddy for a quick workout beforehand to help jumpstart your brain (more on that later).

3. Don't drink your calories!

It is so easy to order the sugary caffeine-loaded drinks when you’re cramming for an exam, going to events, or just hanging with friends. But water is your best friend! It will keep you hydrated and alert, and is a simple way keep your body healthy every day.

4. Take advantage of on-campus fitness facilities or find a local gym that has affordable prices, flexible hours, and deals for students

Sometimes getting up and going to the gym can feel impossible, especially if you have early classes. Find a way to make the gym exciting and something you look forward to, even if it’s just a few times a week. Once you’re there, doing cardiovascular exercises will increase endorphins and strengthen neuron connections in the brain. You will be able to focus better in the classroom and retain information more easily. Working out is also a great outlet for stress relief, especially when trying to balance your workload.

Planet Fitness is open and staffed 24/7 for all those odd times you may be heading into the gym. With over 40 classes a week, and free unlimited fitness training included in the $10 a month membership - it is definitely college kid approved.

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