'GET YA MONEY!!!!' | Yes, VFL Alvin Kamara trains by pulling Jeeps while carrying a weight rack

Kamara shared a video on his Instagram of what it takes to train as a Saint... and it's absolutely nuts.

Former Tennessee running back Alvin Kamara is making it known he isn't slacking with his training as a New Orleans Saint... not one bit.

The VFL posted video of his latest training regimen, and let's just say the above is quite the understatement. In the words of the man himself on Wednesday: "Never hear y'all complaining when that check clear... GET YA MONEY!!!!"

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No need for complicated equipment or fancy routines: Kamara seems to have just found whatever was lying around the training room at the moment to work with (as well as outside in the parking lot).

Most people take the weights off the rack before they lift them. Not Kamara, though. Who has time for that?

Instead, he lifted the entire rack with four plates still attached as he marched down a quiet neighborhood street (sporting a very fashionable Power T half-zip, we might add).

Oh, but if that isn't ridiculous enough for you -- perhaps you will direct your attention to the bungee towing cable wrapped around the VFL's waist that's hooked up to a Jeep. Yep... Kamara is towing a dang ol' Jeep as marches down the street with an entire weight rack on his shoulders:

Never hear y’all complaining when that check clear.... GET YA MONEY!!!! •@coltcolletti_ • 🦍

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Do you even lift? We can't imagine the kind of mental and physical strain this must have put on him, but he's easily earned any #BeastMode comments coming his way.

Not that anyone was doubting that it in the first place, though, coming from a rookie season where he netted Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pepsi Rookie of the Year by fans.