Sisters keep Lady Vols tradition alive at SEC Tournament

A family tradition continues at the women's SEC Tournament.

Jan Yanes and her two sisters, Anne and Lynn were raised in a die-hard Lady Vol fan household in New Market, Tenn., about 25 miles east of Tennessee's campus.

"Even when we were in high school, we would rush home from church and go to the Lady Vol game," Jan Yanes said.

As the sisters got older and moved away from home, Lady Vol games began serving as a family reunion.

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"We would get together as a family and fly in from wherever we were and dress up and go to the Lady Vol tournaments in March," Yanes said. "My dad was always in the background and he was quiet but he enjoyed paying for our outfits."

The women often wore white cowboy hats with an orange 'Power T' logo on them. One outfit included white pants and shirts with an orange vest and baby blue bow tie.

Jan's dad died in 2015 and her mom passed away last year.

"She's up there with Pat (Summitt)," Yanes said. "We know they're in a better place."

For the first time without both parents, Jan and Lynn decided to continue the family tradition with the SEC Tournament in Nashville and several friends they've met through the years at games joined them.

"We just love the Lady Vols and we miss our folks a lot but they're here with us."