Webb's Morgan Ernst wins Defensive Player of the Week

This Webb Spartan is committed to his team and his country.

Morgan Ernst plays linebacker and fullback for Webb.

"He's a tough kid, he's very athletic," said Webb coach David Meske.

Ernst isn't afraid to lead his teammates. The senior notched over 20 tackles in the Spartans' first game of the season.

"He's everything you're looking for in a really good football player," said Meske.

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His commitment to the Spartans is unquestionable.

His commitment at the next level, that's what really stands out.

"A hot topic right now when everyone talks to me," said Ernst, "is 'What are your thoughts on the army?'"

"That's where I'm going, West Point."

Ernst's father served in Desert Storm, his grandfather served in Vietnam, but the decision to commit and play football at West Point wasn't about following in their footsteps.

"Mainly, it wasn't influenced by them," said Ernst, "they had a little bit of influence, but mainly it was my decision, as a person, what would be best for me."

Morgan wants to be a nuclear or petroleum engineer someday. For now, his head coach understands his decision of service and sacrifice.

"I spent a little time in the military," said Meske, "and Morgan will do a great job at West Point. He'll be a great officer down the road because he's someone who is a positive leader, he's a fast thinker, he's extremely smart."

Ernst and Webb will play Ensworth at 7 p.m. on Friday.